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Pressure Sensor with Novel Electrical Circuit Utilizing Bipolar Junction Transistor
  • Mikhail Basov
Mikhail Basov
Dukhov Automatics Research Institute

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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High sensitivity MEMS pressure sensor chip for different ranges (1 to 60 kPa) utilizing the novel electrical circuit of piezosensitive differential amplifier with negative feedback loop (PDA-NFL) is developed. Pressure sensor chip PDA-NFL utilizes two bipolar-junction transistors (BJT) with vertical n-p-n type structure (V-NPN) and eight piezoresistors (p-type). Both theoretical model of sensor response to pressure and temperature and experimental data are presented. Data confirms the applicability of theoretical model. Introduction of the amplifier allows for decreasing chip size while keeping the same sensitivity as a chip with classic Wheatstone bridge circuit.