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A Study on Effectiveness of Deep Neural Networks for Speech Signal Enhancement in Comparison with Wiener Filtering Technique
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  • Vijaya Kumar Padarti ,
  • Gnana Sai Polavarapu ,
  • Madhurima Madiraju ,
  • Naga Sai Nuthalapati ,
  • Vinay Babu Thota ,
  • V. D. Subramanyam Veeravalli
Vijaya Kumar Padarti
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Gnana Sai Polavarapu
Velagapudi Ramakrishna Siddhartha Engineering College

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Madhurima Madiraju
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Naga Sai Nuthalapati
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Vinay Babu Thota
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V. D. Subramanyam Veeravalli
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We have compared two Neural network models with Wiener filtering technique for Speech signal enhancement. Our paper intends to suggest the best method suitable for speech denoising and quality enhancement. We have utilized MATLAB software with most advanced toolboxes for building the models. For comparing our models, we computed PSNR and SNR values.