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Automated Pest Detection with DNN on the Edge for Precision Agriculture
  • Andrea Albanese ,
  • matteo nardello ,
  • Davide Brunelli
Andrea Albanese
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matteo nardello
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Davide Brunelli
University of Trento

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Artificial intelligence has smoothly penetrated several economic activities, especially monitoring and control applications, including the agriculture sector. However, research efforts toward low-power sensing devices with fully functional machine learning (ML) on-board are still fragmented and limited in smart farming. Biotic stress is one of the primary causes of crop yield reduction. With the development of deep learning in computer vision technology, autonomous detection of pest infestation through images has become an important research direction for timely crop disease diagnosis. This paper presents an embedded system enhanced with ML functionalities, ensuring continuous detection of pest infestation inside fruit orchards. The embedded solution is based on a low-power embedded sensing system along with a Neural Accelerator able to capture and process images inside common pheromone-based traps. Three different ML algorithms have been trained and deployed, highlighting the capabilities of the platform. Moreover, the proposed approach guarantees an extended battery life thanks to the integration of energy harvesting functionalities. Results show how it is possible to automate the task of pest infestation for unlimited time without the farmer’s intervention.