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Edge Computing for Critical Environments: Vision and Existing Solutions
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  • Ijaz Ahmad ,
  • Andrea Gentili ,
  • R Singh ,
  • Juhani Ahonen ,
  • Jani Suomalainen ,
  • Seppo Horsmanheimo ,
  • Heikki Keranen ,
  • Erkki Harjula
Ijaz Ahmad
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Andrea Gentili
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R Singh
VTT Technical Research Center of Finland

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Juhani Ahonen
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Jani Suomalainen
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Seppo Horsmanheimo
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Heikki Keranen
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Erkki Harjula
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With the increasing connectivity of critical infrastructures through wireless technologies, the importance of edge computing is increasing many-folds. Edge computing has become an important phenomenon combining the strengths of distributed computing technologies with those of telecommunication technologies. Therefore, new technological breakthroughs are happening in the realm of edge computing for critical environments, such as the next generation underground and open-pit mining. Since the mining technologies are moving at faster pace towards digitization leveraging on connectivity technologies, edge computing plays a crucial role in bringing computing and connectivity into mines to provide latency- and security-critical services on site. In this article, we study how edge computing fulfills the needs of critical environments, focusing on mining environments, and provide important insight into future research directions.