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Creation and Annihilation of Magnetic Skyrmions for Neuromorphic Computing Applications
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  • Aijaz Lone ,
  • Arnab Ganguly ,
  • Divynahsu Divyanshu ,
  • Selma Amara ,
  • Govind Das ,
  • Hossein Fariborzi
Aijaz Lone
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Arnab Ganguly
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Divynahsu Divyanshu
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Selma Amara
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Govind Das
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Hossein Fariborzi
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In this work we present the creation, annihilation and dynamics of a topologically protected magnetic structure, a skyrmion, for neuromorphic computing application. We study the effect of Dzyaloshinskii Moriya interaction (DMI) and surface anisotropy on the skyrmion density. The relation between skyrmion annihilation threshold anisotropy Kth and DMI coefficient is evaluated. Furthermore, the skyrmion diameter dependence on these two parameters is studied. Using MOKE analysis we study the effect of external magnetic field on the skyrmion density and predict the threshold magnetic field for the transition of magnetic texture from Labriynth domains to skyrmions. These results are further supported by the MuMax simulations. The spin orbit torque SOT manipulation of skyrmion size and density is also presented for skyrmion applications in the race-track memory and neuromorphic computing. Motivated by the results, we propose a Skyrmionic neuromorphic device and using SOT switching mechanism, show its applicability as spintronic synapse and neuron. The MuMax simulations are coupled to the Non- Equilibrium Green’s Function formalism to model the neuron and synapse behavior. Finally, we conclude with the possibility of using these devices for pattern recognition and other unconventional computing paradigms.