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The Relation Among Obesity and Sugar Consumption: A Machine Learning Approach
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  • Nobonita Saha ,
  • Aninda Mohanta ,
  • Jannatun Tuba Jyoti ,
  • Tamal Joyti Roy ,
  • Diti Roy
Nobonita Saha
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Aninda Mohanta
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Jannatun Tuba Jyoti
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Tamal Joyti Roy
Khulna University of Engineering & Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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We have collected two data sets. First data set consisted of 45 thousand data and second one 43. One data set consisted of food information , like calorie count, sugar in per 100 gram, fat in per 100 gram and so on. Second data set consisted of Obesity rate among USA people from age 0 to 80. We wanted to show a relation with sugar intake and obesity rate. Last of all our experiment found that ther's a significance evidence that there's a link between obesity and sugar intake . We used the machine learning approach for our experimental analysis.