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Unified Framework for the Analysis of the Effect of Control Strategies on On-Load Tap-Changer's Automatic Voltage Controller
  • Iker Garcia ,
  • Roberto Santana
Iker Garcia
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Roberto Santana
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With the advent of new loads and generation on the low voltage grid, voltage fluctuation has increased, especially in active distribution grids with a high penetration of distributed resources and a large deployment of electric vehicles. The coordination of different technologies has emerged as the best way for voltage regulation, among others, smart inverters, open soft points or transformers with on-load regulation capability. This paper proposes a novel way to model the control strategies for the automatic voltage controller of On-Load Tap-Changer transformers. The purpose is to standardize and simplify the way these
strategies are represented, in order to facilitate (i) their  election by Distribution System Operators, (ii) their future integration with other systems, and (iii) to increase the ability to anticipate On-Load Tap-Changer behavior. The proposal has been validated using real data, obtaining an accuracy of 99.15% in the tap changer positions. A unified framework is also introduced, which allows the proposed functional representation to be combined with the On-Load Tap-Changer controller behavior estimation. A experimental validation has been carried out where more than 150 000 strategies have been simulated, finally determining the one that best fits the objectives.
2023Published in IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering on pages 1-10. 10.1109/TASE.2023.3244606