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Spam-Detection with Comparative Analysis and Spamming Words Extractions
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  • Md Khairul Islam ,
  • Md Al Amin ,
  • Md Rakibul Islam ,
  • Md Nosin Ibna Mahbub ,
  • Md Imran Hossain Showrov ,
  • Chetna Kaushal
Md Khairul Islam
Islamic University, Islamic University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Md Al Amin
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Md Rakibul Islam
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Md Nosin Ibna Mahbub
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Md Imran Hossain Showrov
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Chetna Kaushal
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Communication through email plays an essential part especially in every sector of our day-to-day life. Considering its significance, it is important to filter spam emails from emails. Spam email, also known as junk email, is unwanted messages that are sent by the electronic medium in large quantities. Most of the spam emails are commercial in nature that is not only irritating but also harmful due to malicious scams or malware-hosting sites or use viruses attached to the message. In this paper, we identify spam emails and expose how spam emails can be distinguished from legitimate/normal emails. We deployed four machine learning models and two deep learning models over the datasets including the combined dataset. Besides, we also try to find the important keywords that are found repeatedly from spam emails repository. This type of knowledge will enable us to detect spam emails for our personnel and community security purpose.