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Generation of Coupling Topologies for Multi-Agent Systems using Non-Cooperative Games
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  • Maximilian Kloock ,
  • Matthis Dirksen ,
  • Stefan Kowalewski ,
  • Bassam Alrifaee
Maximilian Kloock
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Matthis Dirksen
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Stefan Kowalewski
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Bassam Alrifaee
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This paper presents a method for generating coupling topologies for multi-agent systems. Our method is based on a non-cooperative game in which each agent chooses couplings to activate or deactivate using a utility function. The utility function measures the importance of agents to one another and enables conflict avoidance in distributed decisionmaking. Depending on the application's needs, our method is able to generate unidirectional or bidirectional couplings. In our evaluation, we used car-like robots in a simulation environment. It shows that the generated coupling topologies are applicable to the domain of networked and autonomous vehicles.