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The Origin of Gravitation
  • Physicist Zheng shengming
Physicist Zheng shengming
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More than three hundred years ago: Newton thought that the reason of apple falling was due to gravity, although he discovered the gravity in the earth, he did not know what how produce gravitation; he said that God is the first driving force. From then on, more than three centuries have passed many people had been exploring the origin of gravitation, until today people have no notion on the origin of gravitation. In order to find the origin of gravitation, I did some experiments and discovered that moving photons generate gravitation. This discovery come to light the origin of gravitation: applying this discovery to others particles show the same effects; in the same time these discoveries have been applied in macro world to calculate the acceleration of gravity, first time display the more accurately formula than Universal law of gravitation to describe the gravity field of earth. These works indicate that moving elementary particles bring on interaction force which appearing behavior of gravitation in the macro world. This show that these discoveries reveal the essence of Universal law of gravitation from micro world to macro world, and reveal the origin of gravitation: namely, tell us where gravitation come from, and solve the enigmas what Universal law of gravitation cannot solve until today.