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In-Memory Hamming Error-Correcting Code in Memristor Crossbar
  • Woorham Bae ,
  • Jin-Woo Han ,
  • Kyung Jean Yoon
Woorham Bae
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Jin-Woo Han
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Kyung Jean Yoon
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This paper proposes a in-memory Hamming error-correcting code (ECC) in memristor crossbar array (CBA). Based on unique I-V characteristic of complementary resistive switching (CRS) memristor, this work discovers that a combination of three memristors behaves as a stateful exclusive-OR (XOR) logic device. In addition, a two-step (build-up and fire) current-mode CBA driving scheme is proposed to realize a linear increment of the build-up voltage that is proportional to the number of low-resistance state (LRS) memristors in the array. Combining the proposed XOR logic device and the driving scheme, we realize a complete stateful XOR logic, which enables a fully functional in-memory Hamming ECC, including parity bit generation and storage followed by syndrome vector calculation/readout. The proposed technique is verified by simulation program with integrated circuit emphasis (SPICE) simulations, with a Verilog-A CRS memristor model and a commercial 45-nm CMOS process design kit (PDK). The verification results prove that the proposed in-memory ECC perfectly detects error regardless of data patterns and error locations with enough margin.
Jul 2022Published in IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices volume 69 issue 7 on pages 3700-3707. 10.1109/TED.2022.3176834