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Grid-Forming Control Suitable for Large Power Transmission System Applications
  • Taoufik QORIA ,
  • Xavier Guillaud
Taoufik QORIA
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Xavier Guillaud
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The inner cascaded structure-based grid-forming control is a typical solution used to impose an AC voltage magnitude across the output filters of the power inverters. Yet, because of the limited inverter’s bandwidth resulting from the low-switching frequencies in transmission systems, the interaction (i.e., coupling) between control loops is highly likely making the understanding of the system behavior complex and its simplification unaffordable and may also lead to instabilities. The novelty of this paper consists in proposing a simple open-loop direct voltage control to reduce the number of the inner control regulators, and thereby guaranteeing a decoupling between the inner and outer control layers as well as increasing the system stability margin. This statement is well supported with a small-signal analysis and progressive order model reduction of the system. The overall concept is validated in a 10-bus grid case while comparing the EMT and Phasor-based simulations. The practical feasibility of the control itself is experimentally proved with different test cases.