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CNN-based Diagnosis System on Skin Cancer using Ensemble Method Weighted by Cubic Precision
  • Pengcheng Jiang
Pengcheng Jiang
Waseda University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Abstract— One of the most prevalent diseases, skin cancer, has been proven to be treatable at an early stage. Thus, techniques that allow individuals to identify skin cancer symptoms early are in great demand. This paper proposed an interactive skin lesion diagnosis system based on the ensemble of multiple sophisticated CNN models for image classification. The performance of ResNet50, ResNeXt50, ResNeXt101, EfficientNetB4, Mobile-NetV2, MobileNetV3, and MnasNet are investigated separately as ensemble components. Then, using various criteria, we constructed ensembles and compared the accuracy they achieved. Moreover, we designed a method to update the ensemble for new data and examined its performance. In addition, a few natural language processing (NLP) techniques were used to make our system more user-friendly. To integrate all the functionalities, we built a user interface with PyQt5. As a result, MobileNetV3 achieved 91.02% as the best accuracy among all single models; ensemble weighted by cubic precision achieved 92.84% accuracy as the highest one in this study; a notable improvement in accuracy demonstrated the effectiveness of the model updating approach, and a system with all of the desired features was successfully developed. These findings benefit in two aspects. For model performance, applying cubic precisions can increase ensemble learning classification accuracy. For the developed diagnosis system, it can aid in the