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FDTD simulation of electromagnetic wave propagation in magnetic randomly inhomogeneous media
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  • Pavel Makarov ,
  • Vladimir Ustyugov ,
  • Leonid Kotov ,
  • Sergey V. Nekipelov ,
  • Viktor Sivkov
Pavel Makarov
Syktyvkar State University named after Pitirim Sorokin, Syktyvkar State University named after Pitirim Sorokin

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Vladimir Ustyugov
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Leonid Kotov
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Sergey V. Nekipelov
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Viktor Sivkov
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An algorithm for the numerical simulation of the propagation of electromagnetic waves in randomly inhomogeneous magnetic media by the FDTD method has been developed. The formulated algorithm is suitable for analyzing the main timing characteristics, as well as identifying the features of the propagation of various types of signals in both time-independent and time-dependent layered randomly inhomogeneous media. The simulation of the propagation of the sine pulse, sine signal and square wave in time-independent magnetic randomly inhomogeneous media with a various levels of phase contrast of two types - with a “diffuse” distribution of inhomogeneities and their “close packing” is carried out. The influence of the concentration of magnetic granules and the type of their distribution on the characteristics of the transmitted and reflected signals is revealed.
2022Published in IEEE Magnetics Letters volume 13 on pages 1-5. 10.1109/LMAG.2021.3132857