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Spherical Scanning 3-D Microwave Imaging of Near-field Scatterers Mutually Coupled With an Antenna Array
  • Takuma Watanabe ,
  • Hiroyoshi Yamada
Takuma Watanabe
Fujitsu Limited

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Hiroyoshi Yamada
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In this article, we propose a 3-D synthetic aperture imaging method with spherical antenna scanning to identify scatterers located close to an antenna array, such as fixtures or support of the antenna. Previous studies have shown that 2-D and 3-D synthetic aperture imaging techniques with planar, circular, and cylindrical scanning can successfully reconstruct spatial images of near-field scatterers. The spherical scanning approach considered in this article is expected to improve the 3-D image resolution because more angular diversity can be achieved in the elevation direction. However, as we show in this study, simple extension of the previous techniques to the spherical case results in undesired blur artifacts in the reconstructed image. To overcome this problem, we introduce a correction factor in the image reconstruction. The proposed imaging algorithm is validated by numerical electromagnetic simulation based on the method of moments.