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Comparison of Kidney Segmentation Under Attention U-Net Architectures
  • Vasileios Alevizos ,
  • Marcia Hon
Vasileios Alevizos
University of Aegean, University of Aegean

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Marcia Hon
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One of the most prominent machine learning advantages in the medical industry is the early detection of disease. Automatic kidney detection is of great importance for rapid diagnosis and treatment, where related diseases occupy over 73,750 new cases in the US in 2020 [1]. Today, the performance of diagnosis has been by highly trained radiologists. However, the complex structures contribute to speckle noise and inhomogeneous intensity profiles. Thus, there is a necessity to automate segmentation on kidney ultrasounds using U-Net Deep Learning architectures - an innovative solution for Medical Imaging Analysis. In this research, our focus is on the comparison of Attention U-Net in the context of different backbones such as VGG19, ResNet152V2, and EfficientNetB7. By providing this comparison, we will accomplish a survey for future researchers to more effectively decide on which Attention U-Net architecture to utilize for their segmentation projects.