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Automatic gait analysis during steady and unsteady walking using a smartphone
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  • Arshad Sher ,
  • David Langford ,
  • Einar Dogger ,
  • Dan Monaghan ,
  • Luke Ian Lunn ,
  • Maresa Schroeder ,
  • Azam Hamidinekoo ,
  • Marco Arkesteijn ,
  • Qiang Shen ,
  • Reyer Zwiggelaar ,
  • Helen Tench ,
  • Federico Villagra ,
  • Otar Akanyeti
Arshad Sher
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David Langford
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Einar Dogger
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Dan Monaghan
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Luke Ian Lunn
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Maresa Schroeder
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Azam Hamidinekoo
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Marco Arkesteijn
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Qiang Shen
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Reyer Zwiggelaar
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Helen Tench
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Federico Villagra
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Otar Akanyeti
Aberystwyth University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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How people walk often reveals key insights into health, quality of life and independence. Here, we propose a smartphone-based gait monitoring system which is sensitive and accurate enough to measure temporal gait parameters during unsteady walking, differentiate between normal and impaired gait, and recognise changes in the impaired gait depending on the use of medication or walking aid.