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Important Milestones in the Study of Neural Networks with Random Weights
  • Juergen Brauer
Juergen Brauer
University of Applied Sciences Kempten

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Neural networks with partially random weights are currently not really an independent field of research. However, the first works on random neural networks date back to the 1990s and in the last three decades there have been important new works in which random weights have been used and which are promising in that they give surprisingly good results when compared to approaches in which all weights are trained. These works, however, come from very different subareas of neural networks: Random Feedforward Neural Networks, Random Recurrent Neural Networks and Random ConvNets. In this paper, I analyze the most important works from these three areas and thereby follow a chronological order. I also work out the core result of each work. As a result, the reader can get a quick overview of this field of research.