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Microwave Dielectric Property Retrieval from Open-Ended Coaxial Probe Response with Deep Learning
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  • Cemanur Aydinalp ,
  • Sulayman Joof ,
  • Mehmet Nuri Akinci ,
  • Ibrahim Akduman ,
  • Tuba Yilmaz
Cemanur Aydinalp
Istanbul Technical University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Sulayman Joof
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Mehmet Nuri Akinci
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Ibrahim Akduman
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Tuba Yilmaz
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In the manuscript, we propose a new technique for determination of Debye parameters, representing the dielectric properties of materials, from the reflection coefficient response of open-ended coaxial probes. The method retrieves the Debye parameters using a deep learning model designed through utilization of numerically generated data. Unlike real data, using synthetically generated input and output data for training purposes provides representation of a wide variety of materials with rapid data generation. Furthermore, the proposed method provides design flexibility and can be applied to any desired probe with intended dimensions and material. Next, we experimentally verified the designed deep learning model using measured reflection coefficients when the probe was terminated with five different standard liquids, four mixtures,and a gel-like material.and compared the results with the literature. Obtained mean percent relative error was ranging from 1.21±0.06 to 10.89±0.08. Our work also presents a large-scale statistical verification of the proposed dielectric property retrieval technique.
2022Published in IEEE Access volume 10 on pages 1216-1227. 10.1109/ACCESS.2021.3137033