April 08, 2024
OpenThermalPose: An Open-Source Annotated Thermal Human Pose Dataset and Initial YOLO...
Askat Kuzdeuov, Darya Taratynova, Alim Tleuliyev, et al.
May 03, 2023
ChatGPT for Visually Impaired and Blind
Askat Kuzdeuov , Olzhas Mukayev, Shakhizat Nurgaliyev , et al.
May 02, 2023
Image Captioning for the Visually Impaired and Blind: A Recipe for Low-Resource Langu...
Batyr Arystanbekov , Askat Kuzdeuov , Shakhizat Nurgaliyev , et al.
May 02, 2023
Speech Command Recognition: Text-to-Speech and Speech Corpus Scraping Are All You Nee...
Askat Kuzdeuov , Shakhizat Nurgaliyev , Diana Turmakhan , et al.
December 30, 2022
AnyFace: A Data-Centric Approach For Input-Agnostic Face Detection
Askat Kuzdeuov , Darina Koishigarina , Hüseyin Atakan Varol , et al.
December 10, 2021
End-to-End Sequential Indoor Localization Using Smartphone Inertial Sensors and WiFi
Mukhamet Nurpeiissov , Askat Kuzdeuov , Aslan Assylkhanov, , et al.
May 12, 2022
TFW: Annotated Thermal Faces in the Wild Dataset
Askat Kuzdeuov , Dana Aubakirova , Darina Koishigarina , et al.