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A Lightweight Framework for Intelligent Fault Diagnosis Acceleration in Complex Industrial Systems
  • Nanliang Shan
Nanliang Shan
The National Key Laboratory of Science and Technology on Vessel Integrated Power System

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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With the acquisition of massive condition monitoring data, how to realize real-time and efficient intelligent fault diagnosis is the focus of current research. Inspired by the ideas of compressed sensing (CS) and deep extreme learning machines (DELM), a data-driven lightweight framework is proposed to accelerate intelligent fault diagnosis. The integrated framework contains two modules: data sampling and fault diagnosis. Data sampling module projects the intensive original monitoring data into lightweight compressed sampling data non-linearly, which can effectively reduce the pressure of transmission, storage and calculation. Fault diagnosis module digs deeply into the inner connection between the compressed sampled signal and the fault types to realize accurate fault diagnosis. This work has three meaningful points. First, we believe that the bearing vibration signal is not strictly sparse in the transform domain. Second, we verified that the sparse signal after compressed sampling can be directly used for fault diagnosis without being reconstructed. Third, adding a kernel function to the DELM can perfectly map the low-dimensional inseparable features after compressed sampling to the high-dimensional space non-linearly to make it linearly separable and thus improve the classification accuracy