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A powerful notch filter for PLI cancelation
  • Ali Mobaien ,
  • Arman Kheirati Roonizi ,
  • Reza Boostani
Ali Mobaien
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Arman Kheirati Roonizi
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Reza Boostani
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Power-line interference is an important intruder source while recording weak potentials like biomedical signals. Hence, designing a high-quality notch filter with desirable gain and phase attributes is of interest. In this work, we present a unit-gain zero-phase notch filter based on the sinusoid dynamic of the PLI. This filter is achieved by simultaneous minimization of the observation and dynamic model noises. Furthermore, the bandwidth of this filter could easily alter based on different signal-to-noise ratio situations. The assessments of the filter for PLI cancelation from synthetic and real data demonstrate its power and effectiveness.