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Vysikaylo’s Electric Field Shock Waves and Plasma Nozzles in Plasma with Current
  • Philipp Vysikaylo
Philipp Vysikaylo
Plasma Chemistry Laboratory, Moscow Radiotechnical Institute RAS

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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In our works we prove that the cumulation (self-focusing) of charged particles in a plasma (with current) is a universal property of cumulative-dissipative structures with characteristic sizes from 10-15 to 1027 m. In this work, we theoretically (Part 1) and experimentally (Part 2) we prove that shock waves of electric fields are focusing shells for plasma cumulative-dissipative positively charged plasma 3D structures. In the 1 Part of this work, we provide detailed theoretical justifications for the possibility of the existence of (locally self-focusing by ambipolar drift) Vysikaylo’ electric field shock waves caused by ambipolar diffusion due to a violation of the electrical neutrality of the plasma (in the presence of an electric current). Due to the greater mobility of electrons (ions are more massive), a structure with a positive space charge is formed in the electric field shock waves that self-form in the plasma (with current). Unlike Mach’ shock waves, in closed Vysikaylo’ shock waves transverse electric fields are generated due to the space charge. This makes the problem (in the shock wave region of the electric field) three-dimensional (in particular, spherically symmetric in this region). In Part 1, we will limit ourselves to the study of stationary one-dimensional profiles: 1) parameters in shock waves of the electric field and 2) processes of ambipolar drift, leading to local cumulation of positive charge in the shock wave of the electric field. In Part 1, the author will limit himself to obvious remarks arising from the properties of three-dimensional structures with a positive space charge. Based on laboratory 3D experiments (Part 2) and theoretical studies of gas-discharge plasma, we prove that ambipolar drift caused by different dependences of the mobility of electrons and positive ions in a simple plasma (with one type of ions) determines the dynamic processes of cumulation of plasma structures – 4D plasmoids in plasma (with current). 4D plasma structures are non-stationary three-dimensional structures. The author draws attention to self-formation in plasma structures (plasmoids) of stationary Vysikaylo’ plasma nozzles - analogues of Laval’ nozzles. A comparison of theoretical 1D and experimental 3D observations of discharge glow (this corresponds to changes in the main parameters) in gas discharge tubes will be presented in Part 2. In these experiments, a homogeneous plasma in a gas discharge tube is locally disturbed by a beam of fast electrons. This leads to the self-formation: 1) of electric field shock waves (a layer of positive volume charge) stopped by gas pumping and 2) of transition 3D profiles and Vysikaylo’ plasma 3D nozzles already in a quasi-neutral homogeneous plasma.
07 Apr 2024Submitted to TechRxiv
08 Apr 2024Published in TechRxiv