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Development of Open-Source, Edge Energy Management System for Tactical Power Networks
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  • Irfan Khan ,
  • Syed Wali ,
  • Yasir Ali Farrukh ,
  • Muhammad Areeb Fasih ,
  • Muhammad Hassan ul Haq ,
  • Majida Kazmi
Irfan Khan
Texas A&M University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Syed Wali
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Yasir Ali Farrukh
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Muhammad Areeb Fasih
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Muhammad Hassan ul Haq
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Majida Kazmi
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Microgrids specialized for tactical operations  have been subjected to several challenges. These tactical power  networks are islanded and have a relatively low power  generation capacity. Meeting power requirements of military  equipment, having intermittent and highly inductive nature,  exposes microgrids to severe stresses. Existing methodologies to  monitor and control the impact of load variations require  sophisticated equipment and trained personnel. The objective of  this research paper is to present an open-source edge energy  monitoring system (EEMS) for efficient demand management of  tactical networks. The proposed system is capable of capturing all minute operational artifacts, including harmonic distortions  and power quality of these networks. A variable gain amplifier  circuit enables the proposed EMS to sense all the signals in a  wide range of power with higher resolution. The proposed  system utilizes raspberry pi as an edge device to meet the low  power requirements of tactical networks. The novel concurrent  programming approach adopted in the proposed EMS,  effectively handles the large amount of data acquired from the  network. This parallel processing of acquired data speeds up the  execution process. All electrical parameters obtained during this  process are stored in an encrypted local database that can be  utilized for fault analysis and load prediction. Further  integration of machine learning tools in proposed EMS assists in  automated power network reconfiguration and tuning under  harsh battlefield situations