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Face Mask Detection using Machine Learning
  • Pornphat Sroison
Pornphat Sroison
King Mongkuts University of Technology Thonburi

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The whole world today, is facing the COVID-19 pandemic. This situation make people must adapt to the new normal, for example: work from home, online communication, keep clean to reduce transmission of COVID-19. Moreover, research has found that wearing a mask is one way to reduce the risk of viral transmission. It makes many public places have a measure about their customer must keep a distance between people and wearing the face mask correctly. But public service providers are not feasible to thoroughly check whether all a customer wear the mask or not. So, in this project, we propose face mask detection via webcam cameras using image recognition which is one of the high-accuracy and efficient face mask detector. This proposed system consists of three methods to detect face mask: 1) Image preprocessing 2) Face detection and crop 3) Classification of face mask. This system can detection a face mask, not wearing a face mask and incorrect face mask. This system will help public service providers ensure that all people in this place wear face mask correctly, promote people to use a face masks and it ensure that these public places have a safe environment.