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Flanched-Cross: An Efficient Cell Geometry for Beam Steering Metasurfaces with Orthogonal Polarisation Handling Capability
  • Haider Ali ,
  • Karu Esselle ,
  • Subhas Mukhopadhyay
Haider Ali
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Karu Esselle
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Subhas Mukhopadhyay
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Geometry plays an important part in the characteristics of meta-cells used to design beam steering metasurfaces. One of the most desirable aspects of these cells is a large phase shift range that can be achieved with good transmission amplitude. However, the existing and most commonly used geometries for these cells are not able to produce a complete 360° phase range with an acceptable level of transmission amplitude. In this article, we present a new cell geometry, Flanched-Cross, that has superior transmission properties due to its unique shape and parametric variability than the commonly used geometries. The results are verified in simulation and further confirmed through prototyping and measurement. One- and two-dimensional steering are also performed for a dual-polarised base array to confirm the applicability of Flanched-Cross cell for beam steering purposes.