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Inertia Assessment in Power Systems with High Penetration of Converter-Interfaced Generations Considering Power Limits
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  • Huisheng Gao ,
  • Huanhai Xin ,
  • Yongheng Yang ,
  • Linbin Huang ,
  • Guang Hu
Huisheng Gao
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Huanhai Xin
Zhejiang universit, Zhejiang university

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Yongheng Yang
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Linbin Huang
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Inertia assessment is an important step for frequency stability analysis in power systems. Typically, the total inertia of all devices in the system is summed up to obtain the system inertia. However, such method may be optimistic when there are a considerable number of converter-interfaced generations (CIGs). Particularly, if the CIGs saturate under large disturbances, their inertia to be provided will be significantly reduced. To this end, this letter proposes a method to assess the system inertia considering the power limits. Then, the distribution of system inertia under uncertain power limits is also analyzed. Simulations are conducted to validate the analysis.