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Impedance Matching Network
  • Jerry Jing
Jerry Jing
San Jose State University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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In this article, four different matching network will be introduce and their value in network will be given by hand calculating and computer analysis. In the first matching network we just use inductor. In the second matching network, we just use a simple LC matching network with up-converting to match a 1Ω to 50Ω. As we have learnt how to calculate the quality factor of up-converting network and the equation between quality factor, capacitor and inductor, we can easily calculate the value of them. The third matching network is the one stage lump line matching, which means we can just use the LC group to take the place of a single impedance matching. In this matching, as it only has one stage, it is called narrow band matching because it cannot offer a wide band. The last matching network is about the wide band matching network, because this lump line network have 5-stage, which means it can offer a large bandwidth. The concrete calculation of value in network will be given in appendix