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Multimode Multiline TRL Calibration of Vector Network Analyzers
  • Ana Buesa-Zubiria ,
  • Jaime Esteban
Ana Buesa-Zubiria
Information Processing and Telecommunications Center

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Jaime Esteban
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A novel vector network analyzer multimode multiline thru-reflect-line calibration is presented.
It has the advantage over previous calibrations that it is accurate for all measured modes, and more important, accuracy can be increased by simply adding more transmission medium sections to the calibration standards set.
The calibration is based on considering each of the k measurements of k transmission media lengths as part of a tensor that takes into account N modes.
The measurement of a WR-90 band-pass filter in multimode operation, from 20.5 GHz to 23.5 GHz, has been carried out by implementing a multimode multiline calibration kit. Measurements show excellent agreement with theory.