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On the Reproducibility of Experiments achieved by TinyRCE
  • Danilo Pau ,
  • andrea pisani ,
  • alessandro carra
Danilo Pau

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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andrea pisani
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alessandro carra
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TinyRCE is a hyperspherical classifier aimed at Continual Learning On-Tiny-Devices, a challenging task in which a Machine Learning model is required to learn from continuous streams of data while being directly installed on a (tiny) device with limited computational resources. The classifier has so far been applied to several use cases, including Human Activity Recognition, Ball Bearing Anomaly Classification, Keyword Spotting and Image Classification. The proposed work in this paper focuses on the reproducibility of TinyRCE’s experimental results already published on other papers. This to prove that all the published results are quantitatively reproducible. All the experiments have been executed on two independent computing machines to profile the impact on accuracy of the computations. As the outcomes are matching, the experimental reproducibility of TinyRCE’s accuracy over all the use cases has been positively verified.