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A Pipelined Algorithm and Area-efficient Architecture for Serial Real-valued FFT
  • Fang HongJi
Fang HongJi
Zhe Jiang University, Zhe Jiang University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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In this brief, we present a novel pipelined architecture for real-valued fast Fourier transform (RFFT), which is dedicated to processing serial input data. An optimized algorithm is proposed for stage division in RFFT to achieve an area-efficient RFFT computing structure with full hardware utilization. A single path butterfly and a real rotator are merged into one processing element (PE) in each stage, except the last stage, to reduce hardware resource utilization. In addition, a novel shift-adder is designed for N-point RFFT with W-bit signals, and a new data management method based on the PEs is proposed, which saves resources with a more regular flow graph.