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Optimum Fully-Real Serial Commutator FFT Architecture in Terms of Multiplexers
  • Fang HongJi
Fang HongJi
Zhejiang University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This brief introduces an optimized architecture for serial commutator (SC) pipelined fast Fourier transform (FFT) with fully-real data paths, utilizing a novel data management scheme based on bit-dimension permutation circuits. By employing this approach, we minimized multiplexer utilization by 80% in every processing element (PE) and 50% in every permutation circuit of each stage compared to the conventional SC architecture. Additionally, the proposed structure achieved full hardware utilization with a natural order input/output (I/O) datastream. Experimental results demonstrate that our architecture reduced look-up table (LUT) logic by 31% compared to the prior design.