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DRS-LIP: Linear Inverted Pendulum Model for Legged Locomotion on Dynamic Rigid Surfaces
  • Amir Iqbal ,
  • Sushant Veer ,
  • Yan Gu
Amir Iqbal
University of Massachusetts Lowell

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Sushant Veer
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Legged robot locomotion on a dynamic rigid surface (i.e., a rigid surface moving in the inertial frame) involves complex full-order dynamics that is high-dimensional, nonlinear, and time-varying. Towards deriving an analytically tractable dynamic model, this study theoretically extends the reduced-order linear inverted pendulum (LIP) model from legged locomotion on a stationary surface to locomotion on a dynamic rigid surface (DRS). The resulting model is herein termed as DRS-LIP. Furthermore, this study introduces an approximate analytical solution of the proposed DRS-LIP that is computationally efficient with high accuracy. To illustrate the practical uses of the analytical results, they are used to develop a hierarchical planning framework that efficiently generates physically feasible trajectories for DRS locomotion. The effectiveness of the proposed theoretical results and motion planner is demonstrated both through simulations and experimentally on a Laikago quadrupedal robot that walks on a rocking treadmill.