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Blockchain for Energy Systems: Bridging Top-down and Bottom-up Management of the Electricity Grid
  • Sakshi Mishra ,
  • Roohallah Khatami ,
  • Yu Christine Chen
Sakshi Mishra
University of British Columbia

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Roohallah Khatami
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Yu Christine Chen
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Point-of-view article.
Abstract: For more than a century, the grid has operated in a centralized top-down fashion. However, as the penetration
of the distributed energy resources (DERs) grows, the grid edge is increasingly infused with intelligent
computing and communication capabilities. Thus, the bottom-up approach to grid operations inclined
toward decentralization of energy systems will likely gain momentum alongside the existing centralized
paradigm. In this point of view article, we aim to highlight the need for and outline a credible path toward
restructuring the current operational architecture of the electricity grid in view of the ongoing decentralization
trends with an emphasis on peer-to-peer energy trading. We further suggest that blockchain is an
effective technology for facilitating the synergistic operations of top-down and bottom-up approaches to
grid management.