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In-Circuit Impedance Measurement Setups of Inductive Coupling Approach: A Review
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  • Zhenyu Zhao ,
  • Fei Fan ,
  • Huamin Jie ,
  • Zhenning Yang ,
  • Minghai Dong ,
  • Eng Kee Chua ,
  • Kye Yak See
Zhenyu Zhao
Nanyang Technological University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Huamin Jie
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Zhenning Yang
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Minghai Dong
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Eng Kee Chua
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Kye Yak See
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In-circuit impedance measurement provides useful information for many EMC applications. The inductive coupling approach is a promising in-circuit impedance measurement method due to its non-contact characteristics and simple on-site implementation. Many measurement setups of this approach were reported. However, a comprehensive survey and comparison of these setups have not been found in the literature. This paper reviews these setups in terms of their characteristics, limitations, and applications. In addition, recommendations for future research are also presented.