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Roadmap for Ferroelectric Memory: Challenges and Opportunities for IMC Applications
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  • Sourav De ,
  • Maximilian Lederer ,
  • Yannick Raffel ,
  • Franz Müller ,
  • Konrad Seidel ,
  • Thomas Kaempfe
Sourav De
Fraunhofer-Institut für Photonische Mikrosysteme IPMS - Center Nanoelectronic Technologies

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Maximilian Lederer
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Yannick Raffel
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Franz Müller
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Konrad Seidel
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Thomas Kaempfe
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CMOS compatibility and the low process temperature of hafnium oxide(HfO2) make HfO2-based ferroelectric FETs an excellent candidate for logic, memory, and neuromorphic devices. This article discusses the challenges and opportunities of using hafnium oxide-basedferroelectric memory for in-memory-computing applications. Finally, we try to draw the roadmap for them.