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Gatepass Generation and Management System
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  • Ganesh Pekam ,
  • Shrinivas Chalikwar ,
  • Abhijit Alane ,
  • Pranav Pekam ,
  • Padmavati Sarode
Ganesh Pekam
G.H Raisoni College of Engineering and Management Pune

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Shrinivas Chalikwar
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Abhijit Alane
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Pranav Pekam
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Padmavati Sarode
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GatePass Generation and Management System is a software mobile application. The Project “Gate Pass Generation and Management System” is itself tells that is to generate gate pass for regular and for visitor, students, teachers, employees and customers. It maintains the record of visitor and various activities of the user in the system. This can be used to replace our manual visitor process and then give them passes and management process through our system. Gate pass Generation and Management system is available for use of various visitor, students, teachers, employees and customers and it is easy to use and manage. This system is defined as a security system. It’s main aim to secure colleges from outside visitors, the department and the various working institute. Gate pass Generation and management system help the organization as well as a visitor to manage the Gate passes through QR code generator in easy way