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Inline Waveguide Filter With Transmission Zeros Using a Modified-T-Shaped-Post Coupling Inverter
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  • Muhammad Yameen Sandhu ,
  • Adam Lamecki ,
  • Roberto Gómez-García ,
  • Michal Mrozowski
Muhammad Yameen Sandhu
Sukkur IBA University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Adam Lamecki
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Roberto Gómez-García
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Michal Mrozowski
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This letter reports the design techniques for a class of inline waveguide bandpass filters with sharp-rejection capabilities at the lower stopband based on a novel nonlinear-frequency-variant-coupling (NFVC) structure. The proposed NFVC consists of a modified-T-shaped metallic post (MTP) that is placed at the center of the waveguide broad wall with its open arms lying along the waveguide width. The engineered NFVC structure produces a first-order bandpass filtering transfer function with a pair of transmission zeros (TZs) located below the passband range. To demonstrate the usefulness of the proposed NFVC inverter, a 9.9-GHz third-order inline waveguide bandpass filter prototype with two TZs is developed and tested. It consists of two half-wavelength cavity resonators coupled together via the conceived MTP coupling structure. The measured results are in close agreement with the EM simulated ones, thus validating the devised waveguide filter design principle.
Feb 2023Published in IEEE Microwave and Wireless Technology Letters volume 33 issue 2 on pages 145-148. 10.1109/LMWC.2022.3208141