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Positive Energy Density for the Alcubierre Warp Field Equations Using an RF-Driven Dielectric Resonant Cavity
  • Chance Glenn
Chance Glenn
The Morningbird Foundation

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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We have established mathematically that there exists the potential to realize a positive required energy density in order to warp spacetime. By using a complex shaping function where the imaginary part is greater than the real part, the solution to the expression for the required energy density is positive. This ultimately makes it feasible to selectively bend spacetime for the purposes of propelling a craft. We have devised an experiment that utilizes a material having the properties of possessing a greater imaginary component to the dielectric constant than real component. This material, introduced into a resonant cavity, sets up the conditions to realize a shaping function in the form as is utilized in the Alcubierre's metric. We have established a potential structure from which to build better experiments.