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Method-of-Moments Modeling of Conducting Objects within the Fast Irregular Antenna Field Transformation Algorithm
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  • Jonas Kornprobst ,
  • Alexander Paulus ,
  • Thomas F. Eibert ,
  • Raimund A. M. Mauermayer
Jonas Kornprobst
Technical University of Munich

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Alexander Paulus
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Thomas F. Eibert
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Raimund A. M. Mauermayer
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Reducing near-field measurement times is an important challenge for future antenna measurement systems. We propose to incorporate knowledge about material parameters of the antenna measurement environment within the simulation model. To do so, a method-of-moments code with surface discretization is implemented as a side constraint to the near-field far-field transformation problem performed with the fast irregular antenna field transformation algorithm. Transformation and source reconstruction results of synthetic measurement data demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.