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Passive Actuator-Less Gripper for Pick-and-Place of a Piece of Fabric
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  • Akira Seino ,
  • Fuyuki Tokuda ,
  • Akinari Kobayashi ,
  • Kazuhiro Kosuge
Akira Seino

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Fuyuki Tokuda
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Akinari Kobayashi
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Kazuhiro Kosuge
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In this paper, we propose a Passive Actuator-Less Gripper (PALGRIP) for picking a piece of fabric from a stack of fabric parts and placing the picked fabric part. The picking of a piece of fabric from a stack is a simple but difficult process to automate. The proposed gripper can pick a piece of fabric from the stack by simply pressing the fingertips of the gripper against the stack. The fingers are closed and opened by the relative motion between the fingers and the housing of the gripper. The grasping motion of the gripper is generated by two mechanisms: a passive pinching mechanism and a selflocking mechanism. These mechanisms allow the fingers to perform open and close movements and to maintain the fingers in either open or closed state. The kinematics of the mechanisms are analyzed to design the gripper. The relation between the movement of the fingers and the force required to operate the gripper is also investigated through static force analysis and the experiment. Finally, experiments using PALGRIP are conducted, and the experimental results illustrate how the pick-and-place operations are carried out using the prototype of PALGRIP. The proposed gripper allows the robot to automate fabric pick-andplace operations easily by attaching it to the robot's endpoint.
14 Mar 2024Submitted to TechRxiv
25 Mar 2024Published in TechRxiv