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A Wideband Millimeter-wave Corrugated Horn at 30-50 GHz Taking Advantage of All-Metal 3D-Printing Fabrication
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  • Haoran Kang ,
  • Keiko Kaneko ,
  • Ryo Sakai ,
  • Alvaro Gonzalez
Haoran Kang
Institute of Astronomy

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Keiko Kaneko
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Ryo Sakai
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Alvaro Gonzalez
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Development of commercial all-metal 3D printing chnology provides a new fabrication method for wideband millimeter-wave corrugated horns up to 50 GHz. All-metal 3D printing has advantages of low cost, fast delivery, possibility of mass production, flexibility in fabrication of complicated geometries and good mechanical robustness compared with traditional fabrication techniques, such as direct machining or electroforming, or recently developed methods such as those relying on the assembly of platelets. In this letter, we report the development of a wideband millimeter-wave corrugated horn at 30-50 GHz (50% fractional bandwidth) based on commercial allmetal 3D printing technology. Measurement results of return loss and beam patterns show good performance and are also reported in this letter.
Jun 2023Published in IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters volume 22 issue 6 on pages 1446-1450. 10.1109/LAWP.2023.3245642