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Development of a methodology to analyze a blockchain-based solution applied to energy trading
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  • Solange Machado ,
  • Karoline Roversi ,
  • Roderval Marcelino ,
  • Martín Augusto Gagliotti Vigil ,
  • Odair Deters ,
  • Xugen Fan ,
  • Giuliano Arns Rampinelli
Solange Machado
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Karoline Roversi
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Roderval Marcelino
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Martín Augusto Gagliotti Vigil
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Odair Deters
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Xugen Fan
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Giuliano Arns Rampinelli
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The electrical sector has been facing a wide-scale transformation with renewable energy, distributed energy resources, information, and communication technology such as distributed ledger technologies. This paper presents a methodology for analyzing a blockchain-based solution applied to energy trading in Brazil. The proposed methodology applies for a proof of concept based on blockchain and other applications. Although the proof of concept in this study addresses the free-energy market, we also developed the methodology for the regulated energy market, net metering energy market, and decentralized energy market---peer-to-peer. We developed the methodology creating energy market metrics, researching electrical sector regulation and blockchain, and validating the case study. In this paper, we presented the validation of this case study through testing a proof of concept. We presented and tested the energy methodology through analysis of the free energy market. We concluded that proof of concept and methodology developed are precise and reliable for their applications. Our methodology may have a huge impact on the Brazilian energy market and may open peer-to-peer trading after law regulation.