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Short Circuit Analysis of 72Ah Li-Ion Battery Storage with Four Battery Management Designs
  • Abhishek Bansal
Abhishek Bansal
New Era Consultancy Services

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This paper presents the simulated study of 72Ah battery bank, where the possibile causes of faults are analyzed  due to varying temp. conditions from 22º Celsius to 59º Celsius (71.6º F to 138.2º F), charging conditions, which can lead to short-circuit, potentially causing electrical shock, fire hazard, personal injury,property damage etc. Each cell is 3.7 V, 6.66 Wh,1800 mA.The system comprises of 400 cells in 40 parallel arrays with 10 cells in each array and four battery management system (BMS) designs were used in the simualtion. The short-circuit study has been divided into two fault categories. First one due to faults inside the design of battery management system (BMS) alone in which nine faults are studied where the simulation was run for 20 hours (72000 seconds) of simulation time for each of the nine fauts, that is 180 hrs or 648000 seconds of simulation time. The second fault cause is attributed due to mixed faults which comprises faults due to batteries in battery bank and due to faulty BMS which resulted in improper charging of the cells. Eleven faults are found in the second case, where again, the simulation was run for 20 hours (72000 seconds) of simulation time for each of the eleven fauts, that is 220 hrs or 792000 seconds. In total, the simulation study is of 1440 000 seconds or 400 hrs or 16.666 days. The data leading to this study and conclusions has also been uploaded.