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Design and Analysis of 1
  • Abhishek Bansal
Abhishek Bansal

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This is a four-part paper series, which elaborates the novel hybrid design where the rated capacity of 415 kW solar power plant producing guaranteed 1.66 MWh per day, owned by a private firm supplies electrical energy to its privately served consumers and also feeds 25 kV railway distribution feeder located 20 Km away from the premises. This 415V transmission is boosted and feeds the lagging feeding post of 40 km long traction line which has hybrid 132 kV/25 kV transmission from DISCOM or Govt. owned substation, supporting train speed upto 160km/hr. These four part paper series are complete guide, enough to motivate investors and successfully demonstrates relay trip coordination, leading the role of one section of feeding post from 132 kV/25kV utility and handling of other safety and fault conditions. In this Part-1, the solar plant design with anti-islanding, guaranteed uninterrupted power supply, typical railway distribution feeder, design of proposed feeder - its connection to feeder, mounting pole, booster transformer, circuit breakers, isolators, lightening arresters, has been explained. The whole proposal is also simulated and the results are in the dataset. I have left r&d, so will not correct update or complete papers. The earlier version of two parts, which was able to get saved from computer crash is uploaded.