May 17, 2024
A Demographic-Conditioned Variational Autoencoder for Removal of Confounds from fMRI...
Anton Orlichenko, Gang Qu, Ziyu Zhou, et al.
August 28, 2023
Somatomotor-Visual Resting State Functional Connectivity Increases After Two Years in...
Anton Orlichenko , Kuan-Jui Su , Qing Tian , et al.
August 07, 2023
Identifiability in Functional Connectivity May Unintentionally Inflate Prediction Res...
Anton Orlichenko , Gang Qu , Kuan-Jui Su , et al.
May 22, 2023
Angle Basis: a Generative Model and Decomposition for Functional Connectivity
Anton Orlichenko , Gang Qu , Ziyu Zhou , et al.
February 07, 2023
ImageNomer: developing an fMRI and omics visualization tool to detect racial bias in...
Anton Orlichenko , Grant Daly , Yu-Ping Wang , et al.
February 05, 2023
Latent Similarity Identifies Important Functional Connections for Phenotype Predictio...
Anton Orlichenko