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Identifiability in Functional Connectivity May Unintentionally Inflate Prediction Results
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  • Anton Orlichenko ,
  • Gang Qu ,
  • Kuan-Jui Su ,
  • Anqi Liu ,
  • Hui Shen ,
  • Hong-Wen Deng ,
  • Yu-Ping Wang
Anton Orlichenko
Tulane University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Kuan-Jui Su
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Hong-Wen Deng
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Yu-Ping Wang
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fMRI and phenotype data for the PNC dataset came from the Neurodevelopmental Genomics: Trajectories of Complex Phenotypes database of genotypes and phenotypes repository, dbGaP Study Accession ID phs000607.v3.p2. The authors would also like to thank the UK Biobank (UKB application ID 61915), the BSNIP study organizers, and OpenNeuro as well as the Fibromyalgia dataset curators for making data publicly available or available to authorized researchers.