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A Collaborative Perspective for Blockchain & Testing
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  • Anıl Elakaş ,
  • Hasan Sozer ,
  • Kübra Kalkan Çakmakçı ,
  • Ilgın Şafak
Anıl Elakaş
Ozyegin University, Ozyegin University, Ozyegin University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Hasan Sozer
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Kübra Kalkan Çakmakçı
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Ilgın Şafak
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Blockchain technology is employed in mission-critical systems with high reliability requirements. Therefore, rigorous testing is essential for the adoption of this technology. Many techniques have been utilized in testing the trustworthiness and security of blockchain-based systems. These include fuzz testing, model-based testing, search-based testing and concolic testing. Additionally, blockchain technology can be utilized for improving the software and systems testing processes in general. We present a survey on this interplay between blockchain and testing. We categorize studies that apply testing techniques on blockchain-based systems and those studies that benefit from the blockchain technology for improving the testing process. We also propose a reference architecture for utilizing blockchain technology in the context of certification testing.
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