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Revolutionizing Worldwide Operations through Blockchain: A Marxian Perspective
  • Oliver Bodemer
Oliver Bodemer
Oliver Bodemer

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This study elucidates the implications of blockchain technology on the product and service offerings of a multinational corporation, examined through the lens of Karl Marx’s seminal work “Capital: A Critique of Political Economy”. Blockchain’s potential to decentralize control and distribute power counteracts Marx’s critique of worker alienation in capitalist economies. My investigation indicates that blockchain’s transparency can help demystify commodity fetishism by revealing production processes, and its decentralized structure can challenge the centralization of capital, offering solutions to traditional capitalist problems. This research contributes a unique perspective on the impact of blockchain technology in global companies, suggesting a revolutionary shift not only in their operations but also in their social relations of production. The study concludes by acknowledging the potential challenges in the practical implementation of these theoretical insights and suggests future research directions to overcome these obstacles.