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Blockchain for IoT: A Critical Review of the State-of-the-Art, Challenges, and Future Prospects
  • Oliver Bodemer
Oliver Bodemer
Oliver Bodemer

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This study delineates the convergence of blockchain technology with the Internet of Things (IoT), offering a critical analysis of the current state-of-the-art, prevailing challenges, and potential future directions. Initially, a comprehensive overview of the existing literature is provided, highlighting the progressive integration of blockchain with IoT networks. Subsequently, a meticulous evaluation of the present challenges, including security concerns and scalability issues, is conducted. Furthermore, this research explores the promising prospects of blockchain-enabled IoT systems, emphasizing innovations in data security, privacy, and decentralized control. Through a systematic approach, this investigation not only underscores the significant advancements in the field but also proposes potential strategies to overcome identified hurdles. The findings of this study aspire to pave the way for the development of more secure, scalable, and efficient blockchain-based IoT networks, fostering a new era of technological synergy.